Take A Musical Session With Avi Kaplan

When you press play, I will warn you now…This is some pretty epic music! Music so original, so soul soothing, that you will fall in love with life again. Musician Avi Kaplan takes us on a trip through the other side of his vocal capabilities and through his creativity as an artist. He showcases that his voice isn’t the range we have been looking at but his mind and soul that takes over.

His music is different and enters a realm that we usually don’t listen or hear from these days. The in tuned songs showcases a rather structured emotional standpoint where he guides us on this journey. He shows us that there is light at the tunnel in the musical apparatus and that we must pull ourselves out of the depths of the cement of the music industry. We must smile at the end as we are given the gift of his spiritual musical happiness.

In all, I can’t stop listening to the new music from Avi Kaplan! He is showing us that he can do more with his mind and soul dedicated throughout his songs. I will keep on waiting and watching on this musical journey of what he brings upon to the fans that are hungry for a feast. Avi is slowly providing a meal that will feed us all very well!