SyFy Debuts Late-Night Animation Block TZGZ and Brings New Series Along As Well

What happens when SYFY stays up late? Things. Get. Weird.

Welcome to TZGZ, where lettuce sings, the undead text, and wizards get high… all before bedtime.

Airing Saturdays at midnight-ish, TZGZ is a late-night block of comedic, animated genre-based programming, made for adults. TZGZ: It Comes After SYFY. Saturdays at midnight.


Which Shows are on there? 

HELL DEN (Season 2)

After an Uber-Apocalypse wipes out civilization, only one person miraculously survives: 12 year-old Andrew. With the last working TV and VCR in existence, he invites a motley group of apocalyptic creatures into his house to watch weird cartoons and old movies. Hell Den combines original animation of our characters with old live-action and animated clips re-dubbed by the Dr. God troupe in this new, unique, and very warped twist on sketch comedy.
CAST: Series regulars Sean Cowhig, Neil Garguilo, Brian James O’Connell, David Park and Justin Ware; guest stars Matthew Lillard, Katie Leclerc, Maria Bamford, Kevin Heffernan

WILD LIFE (new show)

TZGZ’s first internally developed pilot greenlit to series
A show about animal friends just trying to stay alive after the apocalypse. Together, they come up with elaborate schemes to entertain themselves and pretty much just keep from going insane.
CAST: Natalie Palamides, Baron Vaughn, Reggie Watts, John Paul Reynolds, Claudia O’Doherty, SkittLeZ Ortiz
DR. HAVOC’S DIARY (new show)
A mid-level supervillain having a mid-life crisis battles secret agents, superheroes and his wife.
More will be announced soon! Syfy is bringing animation back to the masses and with TZGZ, this will be awesome!