Streaming Now! Our Dying World’s New Album “Hymns Of Blinding Darkness”

Hailing from Los Angeles, USA, Our Dying World has been hard at work over the pandemic forging a new path in the metal world. Initially, they were more in the vein of thrashy death and released their debut album in 2019, but now they have embraced the melodic side of things and present their new form to the world through “Hymns of Blinding Darkness”. They explain further:

“It is an exceptional album of melody, personal experience, and the dedication of trying to push ourselves to our furthest limit. Lyrically, it speaks of many walks of life: sorrow, loss, hopelessness, but also empowerment, triumph, and solitude. There’s something for everyone to relate to in the wake of current times and cultural status. Musically, the record is attempting to stand out with its sophisticated arrangements, catchy hooks, and heavy melodies. It feels like a massive step up from where we were with Expedition and we think it’ll present itself as such.”

For the band, music comes from the spirit and when the lyrics happen, they’re usually derived from a personal experience or feeling that is going on in their lives. Musically, symphonic and melodic death metal isn’t the only genre that inspires them, they also give prominent nods to blues through their leads and solos.

Sticklers for details, when it is time for the band to go live they will provide an experience that’s more personal, intimate, and involved for the audience, unleashing a torrent of deep emotion, intense passion, and flowing melodic death metal upon fans.

“Hymns of Blinding Darkness” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound. It is recommended for listeners of Wintersun, Children Of Bodom, and Nightwish

The album “Hymns Of Blinding Darkness” can be heard in full via its premiere on Decibel Magazine HERE.

The full-length officially releases on June 24, 2022.

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Music Video – Veil Of The Reaper

Lyric Video – Survivor –