Squad-Based RPG Battle Hunters Playable Demo Now Available in Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition

Test your battle skills and get heroic with swords, spells, blades and blasters from 7th till 13th of October

Melbourne, Australia – October 7th, 2020 – Independent developer Phase Two Games today revealed that their squad-based fantasy adventure RPG Battle Hunters playable PC demo is now available as part of Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition from 7th till 13th of October, before its full launch on PC and Nintendo Switch later this month.

Battle Hunters lets players form an adventurer party of 3 heroes, chosen from a line-up of 28 unique hero characters who are met and recruited along the journey.The playable demo gives players a taster of the fighting skills necessary to defeat the nefarious foes and beastly creatures they’ll face when the game launches on October 20th.

Battle Hunters offers a unique combat system that combines strategic command of your heroes with real-time action. Deploy special abilities, use items to keep you alive, and choose when and how to attack, defend or to beat a hasty retreat. Every choice can make the difference between victory and defeat. Battle Hunters is an adventure created in the style of older classics, with a new approach to combat, character classes and abilities.

About Phase Two Games

From their early years at Beam Software on PC games like ‘Krush, Kill and Destroy’ to bringing the first ‘Sims’ game to iPhone for EA, and later going on to bring ambitious brands like ‘Need for Speed’ and ‘DeadSpace’ to the smartphone and tablet, Dan and Toby have a long and respectable history of both making games and dealing with top IPs. At Phase Two Games we are determined to produce quality experiences with a small, talented team. We have deliberately stepped away from large-scale corporate-style production to pursue a more traditional style of development in the hope that our games can be free of influences that undermine the creative vision. We love games, and hope you enjoy playing the games we make.