Magic-Focused Battle Royale to Feature Full Cross-Play at Launch

BOSTON — June 15, 2020 — Award winning game developer Proletariat today announced at IGN’s Summer of Games event that their highly-anticipated magic-focused battle royale title, Spellbreak, is headed to both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year, complete with cross-platform play. To celebrate today’s announcement Proletariat is giving away a select amount of a new exclusive Spellbreak skin called Treeline.  To learn more, visit http://playspellbreak.com/ign


“Proletariat’s mission is to create games that change the way communities play together,” said Seth Sivak, CEO of Proletariat. “Bringing Spellbreak to players on both the Xbox One and the Switch, in addition to both PC and PS4, will see players able to interact and compete with a huge community of gamers no matter their platform of choice.”


Spellbreak is a AAA fantasy battle royale experience featuring epic magic combat and powerful spellcasting. Players choose a class, weave spectacular spell combinations, and fight to become an all-powerful battlemage. Featuring a deep item and class system, Spellbreak allows players to dominate the Hollow Lands as a solo competitor or conquer their foes with friends in a non-stop quest for survival. Spellbreak is currently in Beta on PC and PS4. For more information, please visit www.playspellbreak.com. Streamers, influencers, and content creators are also encouraged to sign up for Spellbreak’s Creators List at www.playspellbreak.com/creators.


To learn more and sign up for updates on Spellbreak for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, visit playspellbreak.com/xbox and playspellbreak.com/switch.

About Proletariat

Founded in 2012 by a group of game-industry veterans from Harmonix, Turbine, and Insomniac, Proletariat is an award-winning game developer with the mission to deliver groundbreaking multiplayer titles.

The studio’s first major title, World Zombination, debuted in early 2015 as a coveted “Editor’s Choice” on the iOS App Store. Attracting millions of players worldwide, it went on to be named to Apple’s “Best of 2015” list and developed a reputation for bringing AAA quality and depth to the mobile MMO landscape.

After developing a passion for live streaming as part of their transparent development process—including live development streams and hundreds of lets plays—they created two distinct, but symbiotic new products: Streamline, a fast-paced arena game with full live stream integration, and Streamote, a backend and website that enables viewers to interact with their favorite broadcasters and control what’s on screen. Streamline was the first game to release as part of Twitch Prime.  Proletariat also created an RPG called StreamLegends, a Twitch extension that lets channel communities quest and build guilds together.