Season 1 Finale Of Beer Reviews and Mukbang With Twitch Streamer Loonatiiic

Twitch Streamer Loonatiiic will be streaming her Friday evening show on a Wednesday as she is going big for her season 1 finale! Her beer reviews and food mukbang streaming show have been a Friday staple for fans all around the world. On Wednesday, September 9th, 2020, Loonatiiic will be bringing her show this Wednesday on Twitch to showcase some bombass pizza, 5 different beers, 2 judges, mini guitar, concert, games, and of course sub gifts!

The Twitch stream starts 5:30pm UK time and for U.S. time will be 11:30AM Central time. Be ready to watch, host and of course share this stream while enjoying a fun time with Loonatiiic!

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