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Samantha Margret Releases Alluring New Single “The Party”

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San Francisco, CA – Singer-songwriter Samantha Margret has released her spirited and carefree new single “The Party.” Mirroring old Hollywood glamour with a flirtatious demeanor, the track rings of seductive musicality. With subtle chirps of saxophone combined with hoppy lyrics, Margret delivers a playfully canny and sophisticated piece of music with a music video soon to follow. “The Party” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

“It’s so easy to get drawn into what everyone else thinks is cool or trendy, but that’s not really how we find joy,” says Samantha Margret. Finding affirmation on her own, “The Party” was written after Margret feared losing her voice and writing music for others instead of her own creative joy. Feeling a similar pressure, writer Juliette Reilly joined Margret in their first session, and “The Party” became a song about finding their own power and enjoying it even in the face of the judgement of others. “I don’t have to go to the party; I AM the party,” she states.

Produced by Samantha Margret and John Caviness, the song is all about doing your own thing in the face of expectation. The horns were recorded live to create a striking twist, and the song’s synth energy and gripping effects on the background vocals bring it to life. Originally jam-packed with tongue clicks and unusual percussion, Caviness took Reilly and Margret’s vision for a slow bridge and turned it into a unique, synth-horn lovechild. A product of her own vocal production, the arrangement and effects for “The Party” originated in Margret’s home studio. Once in production, the artistic touch of mixing engineer, Yang Tan, created the sparkle the single needed. The lead vocal overlaid with spoken words on each chorus makes for beautiful chaos where the spoken vocals overlap and split off from the descending melody. “Where the lyrics and sound collide, the vocals communicate a feeling and communicate power, joy, and fun,” says Margret.

Hailing from San Francisco, Samantha Margret is a songwriter, artist, and producer. Her music seeks creativity and originality while delivering authentic storytelling. Margret’s soulful ballads showcase the inspirational power of the female voice, with gripping lyrics about mental health, acceptance, and love. Her upbeat pop songs don’t shy away from a good time, and the diversity in singles shows her unique and captivating sound. Reminiscent of artists like Julia Michaels, Marian Hill, Sara Bareilles, and Andra Day, Samantha Margret blends unparalleled production with raw and intimate lyrics creating a fresh, fun, and original style.

Samantha Margret’s sultry single provides an imaginative, relaxed vibe. The smooth vocals complement the subtle horns with sophisticated lyricism. Download or stream “The Party” now on digital platforms worldwide. To keep up with Samantha Margret’s journey, follow her on socials at @samanthamargret or visit


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