Bringing influences from his international touring rock band, and combining them with his pop sensibilities, Sam Sky hit the ground running as a new solo artist in October of 2018. Drawing influence from the likes of blackbear, The Weeknd and John Mayer, Sam Sky joins forces with social media star Angel Cintron for ‘I H8 The Internet’ May 15th. With his music background and her social media following, the two are set to take the industry by storm.

Sam Sky shot to stardom whilst performing with his previous outfit I Am King with Rise Records (Over 20 million streams on the bands top songs alone). Taking his first steps as a solo artist, Sky has worked with major platinum record producer Dan Korneff, featured in alt press magazine and garnered thousands of streams on Spotify alone.

‘I H8 The Internet’ is a satirical track with darker more introspective undertones. It’s an honest track that touches on different feelings than ​Sam Sky’s previous releases, including online bullying and suicide.

“When I wrote “I H8 The Internet”, I was in a place where the internet was just making me feel like shit. I’ve been at this music thing for a minute now, and when these algorithms control everything as a gatekeeper, sometimes it feels like you’ll never get through it and reach the audience you’re meant to reach. Not to mention, you always hear the wise internet gurus say you can’t compare your journey with anyone else’s, but of course that’s what we inevitably end up doing on social media. Both of those things combined are really what inspired the song. Strong scathing sarcastic overtones yelling from the rooftops I’m sick and tired of the fake internet bullshit.”

Showcasing Sky’s abilities as a song writer, and also his range and versatility as a vocalist, Sam Sky returns with ‘I H8 The Internet’ May 15th. Having built solid foundations since his 2018 debut, it’s clear with all of Sky’s ability, tenacity and grit, that this is just the beginning for this nuanced artist.