Rising pop artist DABIT makes his captivating return with his new single Don’t Wanna Be’, out on February 24th.

DABIT writes dreamy and frank pop songs about relationships and heartbreak, often with darker, moodier, more introspective lyrics and juxtaposed with upbeat electro production. ‘Don’t Wanna Be’ is a sign of exciting things to come from the Korean pop star; the track makes a statement, as does he. A world away from the usual Korean exports of singer-songwriters, DABIT commands his own brand of bold pop – paving the way for independent Korean pop artists who don’t fit the K-pop mould.

Speaking on this, DABIT explained:

I am Korean American, born and raised in Ohio. I didn’t have much music background, but I had a passion for music, so I set out for Korea to pursue my dream of becoming a K-pop idol. I trained in a few companies but never ended up debuting because I could never fit the concept.



Taking his cues from the silky production of acts like Troye Sivan and Griff– DABIT has crafted his own style of pop for his doting fan base to enjoy. Currently standing at over 14,000 followers on Instagram, DABIT’s fanbase grows greater and stronger with every release.

Explaining more about the track, DABIT stated:

The song lyrics were originally “I don’t wanna be a man.” And it was actually a song that I wrote to myself in the midst of feeling pressure to “man up” to the modern day’s definition of what a “real man” looks and acts like. The song itself is about breaking free from someone who is expecting you to meet their criteria of what they think a man should be within their relationship.

Drawing from his combined influences, DABIT thrives on being able to experiment with his music and the concepts and emotions he’s able to portray with each release.

‘Don’t Wanna Be’ is set to release February 24th on all streaming platforms.