NASHVILLE, TN (July 10, 2020) — Alt-pop singer/songwriter Halston Dare announces today the highly anticipated lyric style music video release for the breakup anthem “Replace You,” which received over 200,000 streams on Spotify within only a few weeks of its release. Shot on location in Dallas, the video opens with Dare bathed in a blue light, showing off a sparkling look representing the transformation into her bold, steadfast persona as she sings directly to the camera as if it were the perpetrator themself, allowing her to take control and let them have a piece of her mind.


“The ‘Replace You’ music video is simple, sleek, and makes me feel and look like a boss,” Dare says of the video. “The beginning is set up to show how I’m wounded from somebody hurting my heart. As the music video goes on my outfits become sexier and cooler, and my makeup becomes more glamorous and bold. By the end of the song you see how strong and resilient I am.”

“Replace You” was inspired by Halston Dare’s own experience with realizing her self worth. In an argument with her now ex-boyfriend, she realized that the way he was belittling her was not something she deserved and no longer wanted to put up with it. The next day, she made a comment about how he thinks he’s “irreplaceable” and in that moment, Halston knew she had to write a song to replace him.


With her unique aesthetic and diverse musical background, Halston Dare is a star on the rise. You can find Halston’s music on all streaming platforms, as well as her music covers on Youtube and Instagram.

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