Retro Shmup ‘DreadStar’ Looks To The Future

Augmented Irreality showcases DreadStar’s brand new trailer and roadmap

Lille, France, November 24, 2020  DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge has launched. Its received huge praise on Steam and its developer, Augmented Irreality, have their eyes firmly set on its future.From leaderboards to a Gauntlet mode that fresh Bounty Hunters can push through in a traditional arcade format, the roadmap also highlights a key addition: a custom level editor that will allow players to create and share their own devilish maps.

DreadStar blends RPG elements into the shmup genre, including level-ups, skill points and ship upgrades, without putting players through bullet hell. With 6 replayable sectors, multiple difficulty settings, leveling, skill points, ship upgrades, numerous customization options and weapons ranging from the Gauss Cannons to Hadron Exploders, DreadStar offers plenty of bang-for-your-buck for just $9.99.

Key Features:

  • Fast shoot ’em up gameplay with epic boss encounters.
  • 4 different ships and 10 different weapons to annihilate your opponents.
  • Tons of customization options from armors and engines, to shields and special items.
  • Gain experience, level-ups and skill points to incrementally improve your ship’s strength.
  • 6 replayable sectors filled with unique enemies, bosses and minibosses.
  • 3 difficulty settings for every sector, where you’ll need to improve both your skill and your ship to progress.
  • Gorgeous pixel art cutscenes and a kick-ass chiptunes soundtrack made on the famed Atari-ST and ZX Spectrum.
  • A 4:3 display and CRT mode for that authentic retro experience.

DreadStar can be purchased on Steam, here


Founded in 2017 by one-man army gamedev/game designer Fabrice Bacquart, Augmented Irreality is focused on creating great retro experiences. The studio’s first game, DreadStar, pixel-art mix of fast-paced shoot ’em up gameplay with engaging RPG mechanics will release on Steam in October 2020.