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Retro Rules – Castle Kong is Out Today

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Retro Retro – Play, Win and Become Loaded – well nearly! – Retro Retro


Drowning Monkey Games has anticipated this day for two years and today is the day! Castle Kong puts the Retro into Retro gaming… A true homage to the good ole days. Castle Kong is out today on Nintendo Switch for $6.99 / £5.99 GBP / €6.99. ‘You’ may not get it, but many have already!

As far as the pie can see

Put simply, Castle Kong is a celebration of the classic Nintendo arcade game, Donkey Kong, recreating the same kind of looks, retro graphical world and stages, while presenting completely new addictive challenges that were presented in bygone times. 22 levels traversing four different stages, with just 3 lives to complete your epic quest. Oh yes, and there’s prizes.


But there is more………… A game with fringe bonuses!


Give it a go….. Why not?




If you click on this link it will take readers to a special page!


  • Highscore Table – To Grab something Special

  • Release Date  TODAY 25th Feb is start date for the Special Goodies

  • Release Date  TODAY 25th Feb for the Bounty commencement!

  • Flip Grip support – play Castle Kong in portrait mode, to really feel the retro arcade vibe


About Drowning Monkeys Games

Drowning Monkeys Games was founded in 2010 by Josh Chudonvsky and Paul Duello, and launched its first title, Dungeon Crawlers, in 2012.  Drowning Monkeys Games is currently set to launch Castle Kong in 2020 and Freeport: The City of Adventure in 2021.
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