PV510 Lavalier Microphone Product Review

With the growth of needs for microphones, sometimes your not in an area where its quiet. You just want those outside voices to not be there and hinder any future videos you do. Well Pop Voice has a product that will help you out and ease those outside voices from your next recording. The PV510 Lavalier Microphone is the next step to muting the outside world and they can only here your voice.

I was able to order this product on Amazon and get sent to me through my mail. I was impressed by the layout of the box and how light weight it is.


The covering for this product looked so sick! I enjoyed how the velvet feeling bag was able to enclose and protect the lapel mic and the accessories it came with.


The product had a few different covers for the mic itself. I personally like the red color but you can never go wrong with black. The length of the cord was perfect as I love to walk around while talking on the mic as its hard for me to stay sitting down. The crisp voice that came out from the mic connected to my phone was good and helped eliminated some of that nasty background noise that is featured around me at times!

You can get your own lapel mic from Amazon HERE!