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PSYBIN x JAY SEUSS new track TOBAGO is out now

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Psybin is the alias of eccentric singer-songwriter Joseph Keith, who has an extraverted personality and channels this energy into his music. Heavily influenced by lavish 70s pop and funk music, the aim for Psybin is to turn music from fifty years ago into the modern and polished sound of today. The result is upbeat and uptempo pop songs that have that chilled vibe, but also include real and authentic lyricim. 


His first release of 2022 sees him teaming up with Jay Seuss in the playful fun-filled venture ‘Tobago’. Having both related on a personal level in their writing session, the pair decided to focus on this meaning whilst still holding true to Psybin’s unique sound. ‘Tobago’ immediately hits you with that summer wave of euphoria and the sun begins to shine again as we all look forward with positivity. The song is packed full of vibrant synths, brilliantly executed vocal melodies and the two artists work in harmony with one another throughout.


Focusing on different locations, it gives all lovers of pop music a chance to explore their narratives of jetting off somewhere and being on that beach where everyone wants to be. ‘Tobago’ inspires that notion and so much more, in a track that will be on the playlists of many. It’s tropical pop at it’s finest, and Psybin x Jay Seuss possesses a hugely addictive personality and sound that will have many others on board. 


Speaking more on the creation and meaning behind ‘Tobago’ Psybin explains:


Tobago came together when Jaden (Jay Seuss) approached me (Psybin) with an instrumental that I instantly loved. We came up with the concept, had a writing session, and played the vocal melody on piano.


We were sick of sitting around the DC area and wanted to get away to somewhere warmer and chose lyrics to reflect that desire. We also bounded over the fact that we were both coming out of a long term relationship. The vibe of the song has the essence of someone who is newly single and ready to get back out into the world.”



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