Pop-Rock Newcomer Lisey Tigra Returns with ‘Crime Scene’ Breaking Down Stereotypes for Female Musicians



Lisey Tigra is an angelic alternative Pop-Rockstar, who returns with her latest thought provoking single ‘Crime Scene’. Her dark pop sound delivers powerfully emotional, raw vocals with a dark, yet romantic feel. From her dreamy guitar sounds to roaring solos, Lisey Tigra proves she isn’t just your average popstar.

The London based artist provides an escape from the mundane, bending genre norms and constantly pushing boundaries with her ever-evolving sound. She provides the nostalgia of forgotten memories, and immerses you in her stunningly glamorous, dangerously exhilarating universe. She’ll leave you feeling full of confidence, leave your self-doubt at the door.

Currently based in London, Lisey grew up in Colombia and is half-Colombian, half-British. These two very different cultures have given Lisey opposing outlooks and perspectives on the world which can be heard through her lyrics, with consistent references to duality sprinkled through her music.

Since bursting onto the scene, Lisey’s following has grown vaster and stronger with every track she puts out. On top of support from fans, she has also caught the eye of industry professionals including Brett Shaw (Florence + the Machine, Foals, Lady Gaga) who has worked with Lisey on her EP.


After a hugely successful 2020, Lisey now returns with ‘Crime Scene’. Speaking more on the track, Lisey explained:

This track is essentially about the search of truths within us and others that are sometimes hard to confront but must be brought to light. It is about acknowledging how our darker nature drives us to get involved in harmful situations and wanting to know what drives other people to hurt us. It is about wanting clarity in a world that is shady and obscure.

Starting the year with a bang, Lisey Tigra is set to drop ‘Crime Scene’ January 29th, followed by the music video on February 5th.

Photo credits:

Creative Direction, Styling & Set Design — Kay Altamira

Photographer — Jack Bridgland

MUA — Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Hair Stylist — Johanna Cree Brown

Photo Post-Production — Lisa Pepe