Pop-Rock Collective Love Angeles make their return with ‘Unstoppable’



Rock-Pop collective Love Angeles make their stunning return with Unstoppable. Having carefully and consistently released music over the last 4 years, the collective grow stronger with every release. Since their 2016 debut, the San Diego group have built a loyal online following who support every release. With Unstoppable set to drop July 10th, they are definitely ones to watch.


Love Angeles was started many years ago by 2 friends living together. Both would write songs, but neither could agree who the singer should be. They then found Anthony Catalano (Little Hurricane) and they started filling out the rest of the band. After about a year, like most bands do, they slowly started breaking up. David then joined his friends’ band Good Morning Orbit and put Love Angeles on the back burner. After years of being in Good Morning Orbit, David had built up many songs of his own, and decided to leave Good Morning Orbit to really try and push his song writing to the test. Instead of getting a band together then recording the album, he decided to record the album first on his own, to really solidify how he thought Love Angeles’ sound should be.

Speaking more on the release, David explained: This was the last song I wrote for the album, I was really into the song but both the producers didn’t like it and the band wasn’t that into it. But we decided to go for it anyways because there was something about this song that I really loved. After recording it, it wasn’t coming together how I wanted so I reworked it and by the end of it, it came out to be one of the best songs on the album. The song is about following your dreams even though people say you won’t make it. So the story of the song is almost fitting by the fact that this song I saw something in it but no one else did.

‘Unstoppable’ is set to release July 10th on all streaming platforms.