PAX Nova PC Review

Pax Nova

By Juan M Carrillo

One of most interesting game that I have played recently, Pax Nova answers the question of “How do we colonize other planets?” Well I am here to tell you about it. Pax Nova is a Sci-Fi turn-based Strategy game developed by GreyWolf studios. Pax Nova Delivers with is strange but charming aesthetics and art style as you are introduced to a wide variety of characters myth and lore. The Creative team over at GreyWolf studio defiantly created something unique and yet very familiar. To those that have played Sid Masters Civilization franchise you will come to understand the games appeal. Though the game is far from what Sid Master brings to the table, however its not to say that the game is copy on the contrary the game is unique enough that its defiantly worth a try.

Pax Nova delivers in what I think is a great sci-fi game, to many of us that watch anime in the late 80’s and early 90’s space colonization and space travel was a huge dream, with anime such as Gundam and Robotec we all dreamed of being in space or on a different planet. At least that how I fell playing that game. The game introduces three types of Characters Humans and two types of aliens and those three are split into various factions or Civilizations. The game is set in a distance future with Humans and Aliens Trying to Colonize a planet at the same time. Each faction has a leader each with its own background and lore. Like Civilization each Faction Offers strengths and weakness that will help or hinder you as you play. You can also customize your own faction which is pretty neat future. Depending on your own play style each faction and faction leader have something for everyone or you can pick which one is cooler looking which is what I did.

With his sci-fi charm Pax Nova is very pleasing to the eye, each world is impressive with their own strategic resources you can extract depending on where you land. Which brings me to probably its biggest fault of the game. The lack of instruction or tutorial from the times that I have played I have to do online research in order to figure out what I am doing. After landing on the planet you must build army units since they are creatures running around the map that come and attack you, building takes time and you can only build as fast as your city grow. The same can be said about the buildings you place; each tile has different amount of resource you can benefit from. Placing a building while balancing what your city needs can be a taxing especially when it’s your first time playing and unsure on what to do. There’s a lot more additional task such as a skill tree for research, developing diplomatic, trade routes and side quest that pop up during the game, and much more that would take time to explain each one. The game however feels unbalance and after a few turns its start to become repetitive, and you are left to wonder what to do next. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, this game has so much that can be explain in a single article.

Over all the game is not bad at all, there’s a lot to unpack and explore, and tons more to explain. In all honestly, it’s a game that you can spend countless hours on learning and growing evolving your play style. It’s a game that player must play to determine if its good. I’m having a hard time myself. In one hand the game style is familiar and artistically pleasing, and on the other the game play is lack luster and underwhelming and yet Overwhelming with the amount that you can do. Over all I think it’s one of those game that you as a gamer have to try in order to give it your own judgment. As for me Its game that I will continue to play and learn more about it does have my attention since my love for outer space and sci-fi is enough to hold my attention for a while longer, not to mention the amount of hours playing CIV defiantly is a factor when it comes to me playing Pax Nova.

Pax Nova: 6/10

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