Morpheus Wireless Stereo Headphones Review and Unboxing Micro Center Edition

While on my vacation, I was able to visit the local Micro Center in Houston, TX. During that visit, I was able to score these pretty neat headphones from Morpheus. What caught my attention was that these headphones are wireless and utilize the Bluetooth of a phone, laptop or another device on the cover. I got these as fast as I could and took them home to use daily to jam to music and of course watch online streaming shows.

Here is a review and unboxing of the product



  • Bluetooth
    • One of the main attractions to this headset is that this is wireless and feeds off the Bluetooth for the user. This headset works well on the Bluetooth of phones such as my Iphone. I’m mostly using it for my laptop as it has Bluetooth capability and works pretty well to it.
  • Bass Attack
    • I haven’t heard Bass sound this well in headphones in a long LONG time! I’m able to hear some good clarity in the music while experiencing a level of bouncing bass as well. I do listen to hip hop and these headphones sound very well in the bass section to really bring the beat out of the track.
  • Fits Well
    • I have a big head and at times, headphones don’t fit me well or hats for that matter. This headset is able to extract or retract itself to get a good size for the user. I’m able to have the headset set to level 5 to an ease fit for my ears and head. Feels good!


  • Volume set to 80
    • While using my laptop, I turn on the headphones to use to listen to music and it automatically set its to 80 in volume. This is pretty loud for myself when I’m jamming to Slipknot at 6AM. I don’t know if this is the headphones fault or something on my end but does bother me at times.
  • Cuts out at Times
    • While I’m listening to music and doing articles like this, there are bumps in the Bluetooth connectivity. These bumps are like scratches on a CD where music skips a beat. I really enjoy the wireless part but having to use a 3.5mm connection just for that to stop defeats the purpose for having a wireless headset.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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