Paper Magazine Premieres Revenge Wife Nightmarish Self-Directed Video For Horror Pop Single “Home”

Los Angeles, CA, (May 13, 2021) —  Elizabeth Nistico kicked off 2021 in a big way with her new multimedia project, Revenge Wife featuring the singles and videos “Earthquake” and “Manifest”  as part of a larger, surreal conceptual music and video piece. Now comes the third installment in the narrative, “Home” which is actually the prologue to the nightmarish short trilogy.

As Elizabeth tells Paper Magazine in the exclusive premiere, “Home’ is like.. one of those dreams that happen that really change things for you. Those types of dreams are rare for me but I want to have them more. I really want to move into the next phase of my life where I’m content and stable and secure and not traumatized but.. I’m trying to examine fear and what it means to me and how It fuels or hinders me. These are the things I’m exploring in my life and you can see them in the vid. I put a quick shot where I pull the 8 of Wands which is my tarot card for 2021 (and the card of swift change), so maybe I will soon feel empowered by my dreams in a way I never have!” 

Visually “Home” is heavily influenced by David Lynch’s surreal cinematography and the eeriness of “It Follows”. It’s like a foggy purple dream where you’re always looking for that one person. It’s about feeling at home with the person you love, but when that person is away, there’s a tinge of self-uncertainty and that’s the feeling that Revenge Wife is always trying to shed.

Shot in and around Nistico’s childhood home in Manchester, NH “Home” showcases her talent as a director, Nistico’s side gig through which she has directed numerous videos for other artists such as Jen Awad, Kate Nash and her own former band, HOLYCHILD.
Musically “Home” is Phil Collins meets 10cc “I’m Not in Love” plus Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and dash of ELO Basically future 70s/80s sad girl music for your ears.  It was co-produced and co-written with rising hyperpop darlings Magdalena Bay who have this to say about the collaboration:
“We discovered and became big fans of HOLYCHILD when we were first starting out as a band, so it was super special for us to work with Liz/Revenge Wife on this track!  The day we made it she played us a voice memo of the chorus and it had this sweet and earnest nature to it, almost reminded us of a country ballad. Loved having the honor of bringing it to life.”
“Home” appears on the forthcoming 5 song debut EP Background Songs For Your Boring Life Part I  which is inspired by dreams, mystical experiences, and a lot of self-reflection.  The songs provide a vehicle for Nistico to open up about the heartaches and experiences that have shaped her life.   The EP is set for release on June 25.
Photo Credit: Bones Fatale
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