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OVAL Smart Home participates in Amazon Prime Day with updated App and new features

Consumers can now get an OVAL Smart Home at the best price of the year with more features than ever before.


New York, NY – June 21, 2021: OVAL Digital, Inc. (OVAL) the manufacturer of the revolutionary multi-function smart sensor system with 5 simultaneous sensing features, the OVAL Smart Home, which includes two OVAL Sensors and the OVAL Hub, announces updates to their iOS and Android Apps with new IFTTT compatibility and their participation in Amazon’s annual Prime Day sales event with a 20% discount coupon now available at


With the strongest focus in the Smart Home market on user customization and privacy, OVAL provides real-time monitoring, detection and alerts to changes in motion, light, temperature, humidity and water – all without the use of cameras or microphones.  By alerting users in real-time to everything from open windows to water leaks, OVAL helps prevent theft, accidents and property damage; improve safety and comfort; conserve energy; and provide overall peace of mind.


What also makes OVAL unique is that it has 5 powerful sensing features that can be used simultaneously in any combination a user chooses, thus eliminating the need to purchase, install, and manage separate devices and apps.  OVAL’s 5 sensing features also provide data points for users to track prolonged trends or detect environmental anomalies.


Simply put, OVAL is a common-sense solution that makes home awareness easy and accessible for everyone by turning any ordinary room, area, or object into a smart one instantly. 


The OVAL Smart Home is now also fully compatible with If This Then That (IFTTT) enabled devices.  OVAL users can now create their own recipes with IFTTT to automate their homes or offices in new and exciting ways, greatly expanding on OVAL’s strong dedication to user customization.  OVAL also now offers increased compatibility with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant devices, so users can interact with their OVAL sensors via voice-commands.


With a 20% discount coupon available for Amazon’s Prime Day sales event for the OVAL Smart Home, as well as add-on OVAL Sensors and Hubs, OVAL is offering more – more features, more uses and more customization – for less as all OVAL products are currently available for their lowest prices of the year.


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