Indie-pop artist & producer Olivia Morreale reveals the official music video for her new single “PARASOMNIA,” the second single from her forthcoming EP ‘SPACE DREAMS.’

A dreamy wonderland of gauzy synths, infectious bass and intricately layered vocal chops, “PARASOMNIA” is a musing on the way in which subconscious thoughts and desires are unlocked through dreams. For the music video, Olivia worked with director Sammy King to create the perfect encapsulation of what it’s like to be inside a dream. The resulting visual in an avant-garde odyssey full of otherworldly characters, vivid hues and surrealist storytelling. The video also stars a variety of local LA creatives, ranging from dancers to fashion designers. “Everyone in the video and involved in the making is also an independent artist or creative,” Olivia writes. “We gave them a huge amount of creative liberty and tried to involve everyone in the creative process which I think really made the video.”

Los Angeles-based Olivia Morreale kicked off this year with the release of “NO ANSWER” and “PARASOMNIA,” two of the new singles from her EP ‘SPACE DREAMS,’ due out later this year. Growing up in New York, Olivia was captivated by the jazz great like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald. Now, melding her jazz background with her immersion in the pop utopia of her new home of Los Angeles, Olivia is creating a hybrid sound all of her own. Inspired by synth-pop, chillwave, jazz, and soul, her music is timeless and refreshing all at once.

In addition to her own releases, Olivia has toured as a background singer for Engelbert Humperdinck and was featured as a star vocalist on Jason “Spicy G” Goldman’s Hypnotized EP. Her ethereal, distinctive vocals have been her long standing calling card and her forthcoming EP, SPACE DREAMS, is a chance for her uniquely hypnotic cadence to take centerstage.

Listen to “PARASOMNIA” on Spotify:

Watch “PARASOMNIA” Music Video:

Director: Sammy King
Producer: Kate Takach
Director of photography: Max Ziman
Stylists: Audrey Eamer
Key Grip: Rick Canter
AC: John Gittens
Editor & Colorist: Beatrix Blaise
HMUA: Laura Dudley and Echo Seireeni

Additional footage/BTS: Average Cowgirl and Nicole Ciancia
Featuring: Taylor Renee (model), Peyton Zouck (model), Mimi Wade (fashion designer/model), Tajzon James (dancer), Jonathan Small (artist), Melody HwangBradley Torppey, Keon.

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