Latest Statistical Data from ggCircuit Shows Fast Adoption Rate and eSports Growth

Thursday November 15th, 2018, Indianapolis, US:  Today leading eSports center management software company ggCircuit LLC announced the official launch of ggLeap 1.0, a versatile cloud-based software management tool for global eSports centers which enables them to easily manage and track their business while giving their customers incentives and game options to keep them constantly engaged.

ggLeap 1.0 gives managers the tools they need to easily set up and run all aspects of their gaming centers with an intuitive management and player interface and cross platform integration for PC, console and mobile devices.  The suite of business features includes an integrated POS system, a user management system, player loyalty and incentive schemes, player progression and stats tracking, game and license management and remote management via web-based administration.  In addition to all this, it allows individual centers to easily communicate with each other to organize center vs center games at any time.

The global adoption rate of ggLeap has been rapidly growing with over 520 centers having installed the software to date. A list of global centers can be found at  With the recent launch of ggLeap 1.0 and supporting new features, this is set to take off in 2019.  More interesting statistical data points on the eSports demographic pulled from the ever expanding ggLeap network can be seen here: Growth and industry stats

As an ever-evolving management tool, ggLeap is under constant development to add new features that benefit both center managers and players.  With 24/7 customer support and a dedicated and experienced management team to drive initiatives forward, ggLeap is set to lead the way in eSports management software solutions for years to come.

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About ggCircuit/ggLeap

ggCircuit LLC started out as a grassroots movement by a group of passionate LAN Center owners/managers that wanted to provide better management software for esports centers, cybercafes, universities and LAN centers worldwide.  Drawing on their collective experience they developed a state-of-the-art software management system that was not only easy and flexible for centers to use but delivered end user features that kept gamers engaged and offered more than they would get by playing at home.

Since 2008, ggCircuit LLC has provided nationwide tournaments through their ggCircuit Seasons competition system using ggLeap. In 2013, ggCircuit evolved into a global competition and reward system adopted by LAN centers around the world. The first version of the ggLeap esports center management software launched in 2016 which brought the world of center management software, global competition, and prize redemption all into one package. Ever since then, ggLeap has been continually iterated upon to offer better functionality and features for both managers and gamers.