New Vicki Kiely (Pop, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Singer/Songwriter) EP in Stores on 7/17!

We are big fans of Vicki Kiely not only from her humanitarian work but from her music. We are very excited to do a review of her latest album “I”. This album will be a follow up from “Mercy” which featured songs such as Mercy, Changing Tides, and Charlie Brown. 

The new album “I” features 5 songs by Vicki but they are quite dandy. I have been enjoying them over and over again and feel this follow up to Mercy is just freaking awesome!

I’m enjoying the songs: Yeah, Yeah, Turning Out The Light, Cats, Walk Away, and Romeo and yes, I know they are all the songs she currently has on her new album.

This is very fun album and showcases so much energy. You can feel the power she yields with her words to create a more rock feel to her music. She pushes the limits with each song and showcases her voice through the stories she tells through her lyrics.

This a welcomed listen to any fans in music in general to check out and feel energized through life, through ideas and through your goals in life.

Check out more from VICKI KIELY and purchase this latest album soon in stores on 7/17!