New Music Video Titled To Break Hers By Cameron Hawthorn

Cameron Hawthorn has his next single in sights and has a music video to accompany it. The song is called To Break Hers and has an amazing visual with it. The song is about being in together with a person in believing they were in love with each other. Any person that has been in love have known to not leave a relationship because they can’t handle the change or the situation. You continue to be there because you feel you are doing yourself and them a favor but in reality, its not. To Break Her’s is another way for a person to break their heart in order to be true to yourself.

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About To Break Hers:
“Navigating dating is a difficult process in general, and I hate that when it doesn’t work out, someone usually gets hurt. For me, there was an added level of why it would never work out with this girl, and it wasn’t until coming out and looking back on the relationship and breakup that I was truly able to process it all.” – Cameron Hawthorn
Cameron Hawthorn defies genres as an American singer-songwriter. His stunning vocals and songwriting blend elements of Country, Americana, Folk, and Pop/Rock to put him in a league of his own. Hailing from a small town in Kansas, he attributes his years of growing up in the Midwest to the authentic and honest storytelling found in his music. The emerging crooner made a buzz in 2019 with his single, “Dancing In the Living Room,” with the accompanying music video garnering over 260k views for the independent artist and coverage from the likes of People Magazine, CMT, and Huffington Post. With the underlying theme of showing your truest, most vulnerable self, Hawthorn set out with the desire to deliver listeners the message that ‘love is love.’
His latest release “To Break Hers” is based on Hawthorn’s real dating experiences before coming out. He confides, “There were so many moments when I could have ended it with this girl, but I just kept going, leading her to believe I was in love. Looking back, I was 100% using that to hide and cover up what was really going on.” Oozing with emotion and heart-wrenching lyrics, “To Break Hers” gives listeners a look into some of the songwriter’s most vulnerable moments. 
Influenced by legends like Johnny Cash, Elvis, James Taylor, and Fleetwood Mac, Hawthorn aims to make music with the same raw narrative – pure and real, classy and classic. He combines that with the spunk and pop sensibility of more current artists like Shania Twain and Eric Church. This is only the beginning for Cameron Hawthorn as he sets his eyes on an EP release for 2020 and much more to come down his yellow brick road.