Manual Samuel Defies Death on Nintendo Switch August 16th

Available for Pre-Order on the Switch eShop NOW
London, United Kingdom – August 8th – Curve Digital is proud to announce that it’s bringing Perfectly Paranormal’s best selling whimsical behavioural comedy Manual Samuelto Nintendo Switch on August 16th. Pre-orders are now available on the Nintendo eShop for £9.99/€9.99/$9.99.

Manual Samuel is one of the wackiest titles to appear on the Nintendo eShop yet. Following the exploits of an arrogant trust-fundee who makes a deal with Death following a fatal car accident, Samuel is given one last shot at life if he can make it through a single day having to manually manage even the most instinctive tasks.

Players will have to deliberately manage Samuel’s walking, blinking, exhaling, and inhaling if they’re to guide this hilariously helpless human through an exciting day of getting dressed, drinking coffee, going to work, and navigating whatever hijinks ensue for a person incapable of peeing without the deepest of concentration and ninja-like reflexes.

Manual Samuel features multiple game modes, including a Time-Attack high-score challenge and a co-op mode, in which two players collaborate to guide Samuel through the day.

Manual Samuel felt completely unlike anything else when we first debuted it in 2016. And two years later… that’s still the case!” said Perfectly Paranormal Ozan Drøsdal, Director. “We hope the Switch’s convenient to carry Joy-Con controllers ensure more people try the comically challenging co-op mode.”

Manual Samuel is a funny game on its own, and it’s even funnier with a crowd,” said Jakub “Koobs” Klitenik, Product Manager. “And thanks to the Switch’s portability, it’s now easier than ever to share its hilarious mishaps with friends!”

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About Perfectly Paranormal
Based in Hamar, Perfectly Paranormal is a ragtag team of misfits, that makes games focusing on character-driven stories with unique gameplay. It debut title, Manual Samuel, premiered in 2016 with a Switch version following in August 2018. Perfectly Paranormal is currently working on the narrative adventure game Helheim Hassle.

About Curve Digital
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