Magical Multiplayer Battler SpellPunk VR Unleashes Biggest Content Update Yet

Get ready to unleash your baddest mana-manipulating self — Incineration Productions has conjured up an update of legendary proportions for their magical multiplayer virtual reality battler SpellPunk VR!

Having listened to the voices of the community throughout its two months in Early Access, the team today introduces massive content additions and gameplay improvements to their comic-book-inspired competitive spellcasting game — amping up the action to 11!

With the introduction of the SpellPunk VR “Mad Mage Warrior” update, you’ll learn more about the SpellPunk VR world, fight deadlier enemies in a new single-player bot mode, have insane battles with your Steam friends, and so much more!

Check out all the new things now available in SpellPunk VR:

  • Who are the SpellPunks?: Upon entering SpellPunk VR for the first time, you’ll now learn more about its world and its magical combatants. Along with a deeper look at the story, you’ll get three new offensive and one defensive spell right out of the gate!
  • Settle the Score with Frenemies: Steam users can now invite friends to take part in deadly sorcerer duels without having to go through the matchmaking system! What better way to settle old scores than by devastating your buds with bewitching blasts on the battlefield?
  • Train Like a Boss: With a new and improved Training mode, you’ll become an eruption of ether-fueled badassery against your opponents. The team has given the training ground a whole new look and introduced an unlocking method to introduce news spells which can only be obtained after you master initial ones.
  • Bigger, Badder Bots: This week, three new AI players enter the field, each with different strengths to give the single-player experience a whole new, challenging feel to prepare sorcerer’s apprentices for the rigors of multiplayer mode.
  • Makeover, Makeover: Nothing like a little polish and shine to take things to the next level! Character avatars and battle environments have been given a cosmetic upgrade, introducing a new battle scene color palette and some extra finishing touches to characters, along with a new, more intuitive UI and UX system.

And this is just the beginning of all the new improvements and content for SpellPunk VR! Through the next coming months, the team has big plans to make stylish battle-casters even more stalwart with the introduction of new spells, combat scenes, characters, and the introduction of 2v2 multiplayer battles.

Set in a vibrant and abstract world that’s energized by a soundtrack composed of a wicked mix of hip-hop and electronic beats by world-renowned feature film and game composer Penka Kouneva — SpellPunk VR is a high-octane competitive spellcasting game oozing with style. Players take the role of mighty-magicians who duel in fast-paced mana-manipulating multiplayer battles. Spells are hand-drawn during battle to attack, defend, and heal — requiring a mix of one or both hands to accurately cast. SpellPunk VR features three online game modes — Casual, Normal, and Ranked, plus offline play against AI opponents.

SpellPunk VR is available now for Windows PC via Steam and Viveport. Starting today until July 9, 2020, the game is available at a special 75% discount and available to play at no additional cost to those with a Viveport Infinity subscription. SpellPunk VR supports the Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Vive Cosmos, and Vive Cosmos Elite. Support for additional VR devices, including Valve Index, will become available in the future. Additional features and content updates will be released throughout Early Access.