Lineup for PAX South Jam Space 2020

As per DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. Facebook page, he has made the announcement for who is performing on the PAX South Jam Space 2020 stage! This stage is fundamental for the music aspect for PAX South and showcases the best of nerdcore music out there today!

Here is the schedule:


10am – 1:30 Freeplay
2PM- B-Knox
2:30PM – Johhny Hacknslash
3PM – Broken Satellite
3:30PM – Super Smack
4PM – The Shores Of Orion
4:30PM – Symphonic Pheenix Force
5PM Player0ne
6PM SecretC
7PM Kaijucore
8PM Not Canti
9PM Roborob

10-1pm Free
1PM 88bit
1:30PM: Ten Pixels Tall
2PM Lucio Pro
230PM Masters Of Unlocking
3PM Ryan Adam Wells
4PM Descendants of Erdrick
4:30PM Alpha Riff
5PM Bitforce
5:30pm Star Fighter Dreams
6PM Aramis616
6:30PM Gross Angel
7PM NPC Collective


10-1pm Freeplay
1:30pm NPC Podcast
2:30PM NyteXing
3PM Parker Luis Can’t Lose
3:30PM Blipboi
4:30 Close