Singer-songwriter Leeroy Stagger examines the emotional pain of a break-up on his latest single ‘Does Anybody Live Here?’ out today on all digital streaming platforms. Watch the video here.

‘Does Anybody Live Here?’ is the 2nd single from Leeroy Stagger’s new album Dystopian Weekends, set for release on October 1st. The song and video explore the pain of a broken heart and the loneliness and feelings of isolation that occur when a relationship ends.

“It’s been ages since I’ve felt the weight of a broken heart due to a break up,” says Leeroy. “Last year some close friends decided to break it off after a few years of a joined life together. As a writer, I’ve always been able to put myself into most others shoes and empathetically feel those feelings. That moment as it all goes down, if we are enlightened enough, it can go fairly smoothly. If we aren’t, it can be a real mess of tension and tears. This situation was no different from most breakups. Everybody can relate to a broken heart – the melancholy and pain of a separation. My job as a songwriter is to distill those feelings into a four-minute song.”

Recorded at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver at the beginning of the global pandemic, Dystopian Weekends is the serum of truth with a slice of light and darkness that we all need right now.

“After 4 years of relentless touring, my band, The Rebeltone Sound, needed a break,” says Leeroy. “I decided to go to Vancouver and put together a group of friends that I’ve always wanted to record with. I’d always wanted to work on a record with John Raham (Frazey Ford, Destroyer) and it happened that everybody was available that week. Little did we know that a global pandemic was sitting at our doorstep. It all started going down while we were recording. We’re sitting in this big black bunker of a studio while our phones are exploding with all this terrible news, and we’re sitting there trying to make a record while trying not to lose our minds. I think you can feel the nervous energy in the playing and the vocal delivery which actually makes for a beautiful recording.”

‘Does Anybody Live Here?’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more info, please visit leeroystagger.com.