LAZY DAZE new track Reminiscing is out now!

Zach Miller aka Lazy Daze is a singer/songwriter/producer based out of Los Angeles. Originally from Cincinnati, Zach came out to LA in 2019 to pursue his passion for music and songwriting and slowly built up a catalogue of songs. Lazy Daze hopes to make people’s days a bit better with his summer sounds as well as to create more of a space for Asian-Americans in the indie music space. Taken from his upcoming debut EP ‘Pitted’, Lazy Daze is releasing the new track ‘Reminiscing’, a surf-rock inflicted tune with a nostalgic feel, catapulting the listener into a hazy daydream.


Lazy Daze on the songwriting process behind ‘Reminiscing’:


Reminiscing was written about all the people and places I missed and wasn’t able to see, and the relationships I had that I wondered whether or not would exist once the pandemic ended. I originally wrote Reminiscing when I had just come out to LA, and was really missing the people I had left behind back in Ohio. Once the pandemic hit though, the song took on a whole other meaning and really just became about the nostalgia I had for life before all of the terrible events of 2020. It became really hard for me not to reminisce about life pre-pandemic, and that really became the basis for coming back to the track and completing it.

Originally from Cincinnati, Zach’s musical endeavour began at a young age when he reluctantly took the piano lessons his mom insisted on. He then went on to teach himself guitar, inspired by bands like Blink 182 and The Strokes which were his first musical loves. As Zach matured he broadened his musical horizons, Listening to genres such as old surf music from Beach Boys and Dick & Dale. Prior to making music under the Lazy Daze moniker, Zach made some rap tracks under the name “Cadillac Zac,”. While it wasn’t a serious pursuit it’s something Zach credits to making him the songwriter he is today as it motivated him to push boundaries and to grow as an artist.


When the pandemic hit, it really put a halt on Zach’s plan to start releasing music under the Lazy Daze moniker, but he was able to still release his first single, “Mezmerized” in July of last year. While he continued to make music during the pandemic, Zach also worked as a first responder at a hospital in downtown LA and was exposed firsthand to the devastation the coronavirus brought to families across this city and country. It was a trying time for Zach, but through it all, he continued writing songs that he felt would bring people any kind of happiness during this period of so much sadness, and now, as the world begins to open up, he is ready to share the music he’s been working on for the past couple of years.


‘Reminiscing’ is slated for release on July 2nd 2021 alongside debut EP ‘Pitted