KMDFM’s Lucia Cifarelli’s new solo album releases today

Lucia Cifarelli has announced her highly anticipated album ‘I Am Eye’, the long overdue follow up to her 2004 release “From The Land Of Volcanoes”.

Since founding the band Drill, Lucia Cifarelli has proved herself a force to be reckoned with; her dynamic performance style coupled with an incendiary vocal range was unlike anything else in the late 90’s alternative scene, but it was with her addition to the lineup of Sascha Konietzko’s MDFMK in 2000 that her star power began to truly assert itself. She is now one of the primary creative forces behind The Ultra Heavy Beat, known for her vocals but also for her songwriting skills, moving effortlessly from sweetly sung melody to acerbic’ riot grrl’ fury to bold political outrage.

The second single from the album, ‘To Be Alive’ is, Lucia explains, ‘about karma, reincarnation and the immortal soul that lives within each of us. It’s about realizing your heart’s desires and being loved for who you are, without judgement or discrimination. It’s about coming back again and again until you get it right.

Describing ‘I Am Eye’ as the soundtrack to her life, the album is a time capsule of songs that capture defining moments from throughout her life, while contemplating her place in it.  With infectious melodies and deeply personal storytelling, ‘I Am Eye’ is an addictive collection of songs covered in black glitter and dark sparkle, delivered straight from the boulevard of broken dreams.

Lucia began writing the album shortly before all hell broke loose from the pandemic in late 2019.  In a moment she describes as divine inspiration she says ‘I realized if I was ever going to make another album it would have to start with me, so I opened Garage Band and started building skeleton tracks and writing songs. Once I said out loud I was making it, a few fellow underdogs appeared out of nowhere to collaborate’.

Dan Connor of ‘Rational Front’ is a co-writer along with Cifarelli and Konietzko on first single ‘Girls Like Me’ –  a love letter and ode to the beautiful diverse magic inherent in all women around the world who identify. ‘To Be Alive’ was co-written with Konietzko and Slade Templeton of ‘Crying Vessel’ and ‘Dear Divinity’ was co-written with Konietzko and John Deservio, from Lucia’s first band Drill. The album, written, recorded and produced in Hamburg, Germany with Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM, will be released worldwide on July 2nd through Metropolis Records  and will be available on all streaming services as well as CD and Vinyl.