Klutz Short Film Review

Klutz is a short film by Michelle Bossy is the story of Zowie (Malka Wallick). Zowie is in a place in her life where she has suffered the loss of someone close and her life is in a tailspin. She is trying to get her next book published but this one is not like her others.

Zowie has to add more rejection to the mountain of problems she is facing on top of visions of the one she lost. So many emotions she is feeling as well her loss of gravity which is a major theme of her new book. She must realize she is not alone in this world.

Overall this short film will hit a chord with any who has suffered the loss of a loved one. A story one can connect with and understand what she is feeling. Be sure to check this one out and see her full story. Premiering at the 24th Dances With Films Festival on Saturday, September 4 at 4 pm.