Join Judd Apatow & Dave Sirus for The King of Staten Island Viewing Party This Thursday August 20

Judd Apatow and Dave Sirus are going to take Twitter with the force of a tornado! They will be doing a viewing party for their latest filmed called The King of Staten Island live on Twitter!!!  The viewing party starts at 5pm PT / 7pm Central time on Thursday August 20! Your going to be able to watch the movie at home while hand in hand be talking to the director, co-writer and maybe a few surprise guests throughout the viewing party.

Be sure to follow The King of Staten Island Twitter page below and of course give a follow to Judd too! Then you will have plenty of time to get your own copy of The King of Staten Island ready online, warm up some popcorn and for myself, I love to have a pickle on the side.

Get your popcorn, grab your remote and be ready to laugh!

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Press Release:

The event will be hosted by @JuddApatow and Dave Sirus (co-writer with Judd and Pete Davidson), who will be taking over the official The King of Staten Island account (@TheKingofSI) as well as his personal channel @DaveSirus. Both should be Tweeting jokes that never made the film, fun anecdotes on the making of the film, among other fun topics.