Jesse Murray reveals “A Dream Within a Dream” a debut single along with a music video

Montreal, January 28th 2022 | Musician based out of CalgaryJesse Murray, is releasing today, “A Dream Within a Dream”, a debut single along with a music video. The video clip was filmed in Drumheller, Alberta, by videographer Nick Caron (Bebe Buckskin, The Liquor Store). It features images of a massive lonely wolf captured in James BayQuebec, in the early 2000’s. The song was recorded in his ongoing collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, Emre Cords. (AC/DCJimmy PageDaniel LanoisThe Tragically HipBlue Rodeo, etc.). Jesse will be dropping a record in the fall 2022.

“What I can say about Jesse Murray is that he is a timeless artist. The skill with which he forms his melodies and his thoughtful lyrics builds songs that will not leave your head for days. I see many more great things coming from this unique and talented Canadian musician.”
                                                               – Emre Cords

“A Dream Within a Dream” is a bilingual song, which refers to two cultures. The verses are in English and his chorus is in Spanish. Jesse did not want to hide his French accent to create a special atmosphere that refers to his French Canadian origin.

The song is inspired by a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, which suggests that life is intangible and fleeting. Like dreams, it moves at lightning speed and no one can grasp its true essence. With a reassuring voice, Jesse however created a sweet melody that clashes with the melancholy atmosphere of the text of the late American writer. As for the lonesome wolf evoked by Jesse in the lyrics ” Lobo solitario en Mexico “, it is a metaphor that links the written and musical elements of the song.

Lobo solitario en Mexico 

When Jesse was invited to a wedding in Mexico in 2019, he had already been contemplating “A Dream Within a Dream” for some time.

Single and seeking inspiration, he decided to attend. There is no such thing as chance, only encounters. On the morning of his second day there, realizing he was alone, he was feeling melancholic but strong. He grabbed his guitar and the chorus “Lobo solitario en Mexico” was born. After that, Poe’s words flowed out of him in a new way. Months later, when it was time to record with Emre, most of the song was finished, except for the last verse. He desperately wanted to add the last paragraph to his song, but he felt that the construction of the final stanza did not allow his initial melody to flow. With only an hour left to find a solution, he began strumming his guitar. Suddenly, the last verse came to him, creating the perfect ending for the song.

Heading back to the recording session, and with the vibe of Emre‘s beach-style guitar riff, the essence of the song was born: a blend between Poe’s questions on life, its meaning and relationships and the lonely French Canadian wolf walking on the beautiful shores of Mexico.