Interview with The KillerHertz

Today, we sat down with Kent KillerHertz, drummer for KillerHertz, to talk the band’s music inspiration, type of music listened to growing up and much more! Be sure to check out Kent’s bands music below on Spotify after the interview!


Hey everybody and thanks for haven us here at Drop the Spotlight – well the year has been very productive so far – Working on our upcoming album STARBURST, and we´re just getting ready for a hopefully bright future for The KillerHertz

What is your inspiration to write your music? Is it your

We get our Inspirations from everyday life in all its meaning, that’s what most of the lyrics are about – like love, expectations, breaking up, people in general, who we are and so on…Death, life and love are mainly the subjects through our songs, which most people can relate to. Musically our inspirations thrive mostly through classic bands and artists from the 80´s and 90´s …We´re a mix of new and old, as Rock Lifestyle describe us: “The KillerHertz is like Volbeat had a baby with Megadeth”

What type of music did you listen to growing up?

Grew up with parents who were big fans of The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Rolling Stones – Which have had a huge impact, but other genres as well, like Boney M, ABBA, QUEEN, The Bee Gees and Elton John to name a few. But from the mid-eighties, I started listening to other classic bands and artists, such as Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Merciful Fate etc., And mainly from watching MTV (when it was a music channel) in the 80´s and 90´s – You wanted to be a Rockstar, just by watching those videos! – But the era of that time has had a significant influence on all of us, some of the best albums are made in that period!

Is there someone you looked up as a hero?

The bands mentioned before, are all heroes in my opinion – but besides bands and artists, it would be reading comics like Superman and The Hulk…. Always wanted to be green and just smash things…hahaha!

If you weren’t a musician, would you be doing today?

Im an educated Gartner and have an A.P degree in Environmental Technologies, so pursuing a career has always been a priority beside playing in a band.

What advice do you have for our fans out there that want to create

Be more serios about playing music, be committed and be ambitious. Most important is being true to yourself and remember to keep your feet on the ground.