Interview with The Foxtails

We sat down with Ethan and Kevin of the band The Foxtails to talk music inspiration, heroes and much more! Be sure to check out their music below on Spotify!


What is your inspiration to write your music? Is it your surroundings?


Ethan: Usually whatever I’m going through in life, whether it be good or bad. The writing process is a unique one, in that it forces me to organize my thoughts but with the added challenges of involving rhythm, symbolism, and poetic interpretations.


Kevin: My inspiration comes from my musical idols. Music has always been a powerful outlet for me not only as expression but as motivation and positive energy. Listening to my favorite artists always leaves me feeling reverence and I hope to make music that can stand next to that of those that inspire me.


What type of music did you listen to growing up?


Ethan: A lot of Pop-Punk and Emo to be honest. I was also a huge Musical Theatre nerd though, so Wicked and Phantom were my jam.


Kevin: As a teenager I listened to strictly classic rock like Aerosmith, Zeppelin, and Gun N’ Roses and as I went into my 20’s I expanded my taste to hip-hop and indie/alternative.

These days you can find everything from Kanye West to the 1975 to Rod Stewart on my record player.


Is there someone you looked up to as a hero?


Ethan: I like how Naruto from the popular anime doesn’t give up and cares so deeply for his friends and his village, despite the pain he’s been through. I unironically am

passionately moved to live a life like that.


Kevin: I look up to Father John Misty as a musical hero because I admire his writing ability and ability to channel his personality through his songs. His songs are uniquely his and

that’s a quality I very much admire.


If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing today?


Ethan: Honestly I probably would have been really interested in Medicine. I’m sorry to the world I chose music instead.


Kevin: I’d still be doing some kind of engineering but I would be a much less vibrant person.


What advice do you have for our fans out there that want to create music?


Ethan: Create music that has heart and meaning for you and don’t be afraid to share it with the world. Do it for the love, not for anything else.


Kevin: Write and record as much as you can. It will become readily apparent which songs you should pursue and work on those as honestly as possible. When you write without

fear and carefree of judgement, that’s when you make great music