Interview with Nick Nittoli

Today, we were able to sit down with Songwriter and Producer Nick Nittoli to talk about his new song called Whistle. We also talk about how he got into music as well as found out the type of music he listened to while growing up. Nick Nittoli also gave us a fun story on how he came up with his song Whistle as well!

After the interview, be sure to check out the music video for Whistle below as well as follow him on social media!

Here is interview:

How did you get into music?

My grandparents are actually songwriters and wrote the song “Here’s to the band” by Frank Sinatra. So i’ve always had it in my family, and began playing guitar and singing at a very early age. I knew what I wanted to do when i was like 5 yrs old, and now i’m doing it. Michael Jackson was a huge influence too, I would just sit and watch his movie “Moonwalker” until I memorized the songs and the steps!
What kind of music did you listen to while growing up?
It started with Michael Jackson, and all of his hits. Then I got into punk rock and listened to bands like Blink 182, and Nofx etc. I then began listening to hip hop like 2 pac and eminem, and all of those inspirations you can hear in my music.
Can you tell us the inspiration for the new single Whistle?
Yea, I wanted to do a straight up pop song, somewhat for kids but a song that adults could enjoy too. There’s no cursing in that song for that very reason. I was inspired by the song “whistle” by Flo Rida, and I really channeled Pittbull on the verses of my tune. I thought, what would pittbull do on this track, and the rest just kinna came naturally. I also wanted to tell a story about really being there for a partner or significant other. Kind of like a superhero would.
What do you want fans to know when they hear your music?
That anything is possible, and not to limit yourself. I dropped a country album, an r & b album, a pop album and a hip hop album. So they can use me as an example! Sky is the limit. If you feel it, go for it! I want to inspire people to break the chains of judgement and break out of any boxes that the word “genre” might hold them in. Do you, and be yourself, and yourself is whacky then more power to you!
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