Interview with MIND ERASURE

Today, we sat down with Vasilis from Mind Erasure to talk music he listened to growing up, funny stories in the studio and much more! Be sure to follow the band on social media and hear their music below after the interview!


How did you get your start in music?

Vasilis:  When I was kid, I saw on the tv some guy playing the drums, and that was that. I started beating things that made some kind of sound. Later I got my first drum kit and started playing along whatever songs was on the radio and learnt the basics like that.

What type of music did you listen to while growing up?

Vasilis:  Once I got into metal I started all the classic basic bands that you get into like, Metallica,Iron Maiden, Danzig,Mercyfull Fate,Kind Diamond,Megadeth and so on.Then I got into the Power metal scene of the 90’s like,Stratovarius,Gamma Ray…Lots of Progressive metal,Dream Theater,Fates Warning,Queensryche, and sometime by the end of that decay, Immortal’s ‘’At the Heart of the Winter’’came out and got into Black and Death metal….Since then anything that sounds good to me, I listen to it and enjoy whatever genre it is….

What are fun stories you can share while you’re in the studio recording music?

Vasilis: The funniest thing for me was, when we were recording the choir parts for the songs Connive and Azrael, after we finished all the different voices, I did a quick rough mix for the guys to listen, and the face of Lampros listening back to the final resault. Eyes poped out like they were going to fall off 😛

What is your latest song or album you can share with us?

M.E.:  The album is coming out on the 13/02 and we released a video for the song Azrael on 23/01 that you can find here:

Where can our fans find you on social media for any music updates?

M.E. :  Below are all the details and where to find us on the web, if you would like to support the band.Thank you very much for the interview and stay healthy!