Interview with actress Saycon Sengbloh

Acting is an art form that takes people time to develop characters that are unmistakable through the eyes of the viewer. When they are developed, the actor or actress forms a bond in a show, movie, or theatre that reflects the power of the words and actions spoken to be heard. This next actress not only displayed that prowess but brought characters to life whenever we see a show, movie or theatre.

We were able to sit down and talk with Tony nominated actress Saycon Sengbloh about how she got into acting, being a fan of Aretha Franklin’s music and much more! Be sure to follow her on social media below and check out Respect on Apple TV.

Interview with Saycon:

How did you get into acting?

I had watched Sofia Loren movies as a child and inspired by her beauty. Ever since then, I wanted to make movies and sing music like Janet Jackson.

Are you a fan of Aretha Franklin’s music?

Yes love of course, felt her music  is so good that elevated her swag and ego. Loved it all! Unapologetic diva!

For your role as Erma in the movie Respect, what kind of research did you to do to find out more of the person?

I looked into albums and songs Aretha Franklin did and learned much more through the family who were very involved in Aretha’s career. I also used the internet and books that were done for Aretha to learn more about her sister Erma. I also had a speech coach and choreographer that helped put not myself but the team into the correct era and form.

What do you want fans to know when they are about to watch the film Respect?

Aretha franklin did it first in music such as vocal presentation, music and talent.  Aretha was the original diva!

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