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Immersive cooling company iXora releases it’s second concept model, the HRM-10X

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After successful showings at the Next-Gen Datacenter Cooling Summit
(Woerden, The Netherlands) and Slush 2021 (Helsinki, Finland), iXora
officially releases its second concept model. The HRM-10X is based on
the same technology as the previous HRM-3X. Additional features
include improvements in the ease of use during maintenance. Based on
market demand the cassettes have been scaled to increase the number of
individual cassettes in one rack.

Vincent Beek, CCO: “The market share of server systems that consume
less than 1 kilowatt is enormous. It would be a waste not to lower
energy consumption on that part. The HRM-10X is fitted with ten
cassettes to hold ten standard servers, bringing the capacity of a
19″-rack (50RU) to 50 immersive cooled servers.”

With today’s data centers leaning to a maximum capacity of 10kW per
rack using air cooling, both the HRM-3X and HRM-10X increase the
average cooling density to 600%, while reducing build cost at least

The HRM-10X introduces the capability of using industry standard
swappable input and output devices (I/O), such as networking adapters
and storage. This includes the Open Compute NIC3.0 and standard 2.5″
harddisks or SSDs. Vincent Houwert, CTO: “Interface cards and storage
are the most serviced items during a server lifetime. By placing these
devices outside of the liquid environment, maintenance is much

iXora’s vision is to make data centers more durable and to reduce data
centers carbon footprint, by making practically usable immersive
cooling available for anyone. The introduction of the HRM-10X takes
away remaining obstacles for engineers and data center managers.

About iXora

iXora B.V. is a manufacturer of future generation electronic and
cooling technologies based in Ede, The Netherlands. Founders Vincent
Houwert, Job Witteman and Vincent Beek decided in March 2021 to focus
on  immersive cooling solutions for 19” racks for data centers. The
company’s mission is to develop efficient and sustainable products to
contribute to reach our climate goals. For more information about
iXora B.V., visit our website at

iXora at CES Las Vegas 2022

iXora was selected as one of top tech companies to represent The
Netherlands at CES 2022

and will be displaying the innovative HRM series concept in the Eureka pavilion.

About Immersive Cooling

Immersive cooling is a technique for cooling electronics by fully
immersing them in dielectric liquid. Liquid is 1200x more effective in
transporting heat than air, resulting in much more efficient cooling

No fans, pumps or other mechanical parts are needed, saving energy,
maintenance cost and reducing noise.  Energy savings for data centers
can reach over 50%. The residual product, heat, is directly usable for
district heating in many forms.


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