Houstatlanta Trap song Pistol by 3409 video is out now!

Houstatlanta Trap song Pistol by 3409 video is out now! 3409 has a video that shines a vision of how the listener interprets the song. The music video complements the song so well with the western imagery like its been sampled straight from Clint Eastwood. The song feels like its own mini soundtrack to the movie we are watching right now with the video. 3409 has brought something back that many miss today which is a music video complementing the actual song by the artist. This is done in an amazing way by the musicians! We dig it hard!

watch here:

Press Info:

Toronto-based urban pop band 3409 effortlessly moves between dance, hip-hop, and world music to create a blend of rhythm and blues wrapped in youthful enthusiasm. Using laid back atmospheric production, their songs are centered on the contrast between Dante’s swagger-laden storytelling and Ro’s vulnerable delivery. Together the four-piece create anthemic memoirs for those pursuing self-discovery and happiness, despite the trials life may throw their way.


3409’s new single “Pistol” was inspired by Houstatlanta trap with the addition of Spanish guitars for a western feel that shows off the group’s playful approach to creating music.