Guts And Glory Review Xbox One

I was able to get a review copy of Guts And Glory for the Xbox One from Tiny Build and here is my honest review.

When you think of something fun to do with friends and challenging, this game has it for you. This game reminds me of the times when my friends and I would crowd around the television and play competing games against each other.

This game brings those memories back and then some!

This game starts off with some of the most violent explosions and gore in game that I have played in a long time! You are given challenges to do with characters that seem unlikely to do in those scenarios. Each stage has hints to help you learn different aspects using the characters to beat that track.

My favorite character from the game is Zoe Zoom as she is a stunt woman on a dirt bike and boy when you get the boost going she hauls it! I enjoyed playing her character and just jumping the tracks on her dirt bike.

Get together with friends, try this game out and challenge themselves and yourself on competing the tracks as fast as possible. This game brings the fun factor back into video games and its uniqueness is something that is missing in gaming today!

Get this game now for XBOX ONE, PLAYSTATION 4, and on PC STEAM.

Create memories and enjoy challenging yourself in this game of Guts and Glory!

Here is our review playing the game on Twitch!

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