Golem Gates Review

Golem Gates


Golem Gates is a non-stop, in your face strategy card game which requires patience and focus. Seen here is the Harbinger which is the critical character during gameplay. He can manifest and employ physical characters or powers on the game board.

The player can cast basic infantry seen here from the selected glyph (card). The chosen glyph presents its powers and characteristics. The filled energy bar is the duration when the glyphs are placed. Glyphs are shuffled when they are depleted and stacked in line during gameplay. The object of the game is to overtake enemy generators and destroy golem gates but protecting the harbinger is vital for survival.

The enemy is seen here on the move. I had commanded my defensive players on the board to attack at will.

Overtaking generators increases energy when drawing out glyphs during gameplay. Once card draw reaches zero they will be shuffled and placed.

Of course, maintaining control of the generator isn’t easy but it is part of the plot.

The Harbinger casts the projection glyph, think of it as a flashlight with wings. At this I time I’m looking for the evil Harbinger on the map. The current glyph has an energy bar as well.

I showed the evil harbinger no mercy. It feels so good to vanquish and conquer the enemy. There is rewards for victories in each chapter such as earning new glyphs when completing the main objectives. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I’ll admit Chapter One is fairly easy. But I’ll leave a picture as proof. For new players I have to advise playing the tutorial before initial gameplay. I had a blast playing this epic and awesome game and I know you will too.