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Godzilla’s Birthday Celebrated in Style with A Monster Filled Weekend at LVL Up Art Gallery San Antonio

Get your party hats on while your practicing your loud roar, cause its Godzilla’s birthday and its time to celebrate. San Antonio’s own LVL UP Art Gallery will be hosting this weekend long party for the cult Icon Godzilla.

Godzilla premiered on the big screen on November 3, 1954 which transcended into generations of epic movies. Godzilla changed the movie fight scene as he fought many enemies including Mothra, Rodan, Gidan and many more. This weekend though, Godzilla is going to relax and have some fun for his birthday.

You can meet Godzilla cosplayer Robert Pruitt  who is showcased as their featured cosplay guest. Announced so far is Rick and Morty artist David Angelo Roman who will be stirring some art throughout the weekend. Families will be descending to Rolling Oaks Mall to LVL Up Art Gallery to see a cake filled event! Godzilla style!

Guests announced so far:

Godzilla Cosplayer Robert Pruitt

Rick and Morty artist David Angelo Roman


Will be held at LVL Up Art Gallery inside Rolling Oaks Mall:

Rolling Oaks Mall 2nd floor

6909 N Loop 1604 East San Antonio, TX 78247

FB Event Page:

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