Gino’s Deli Stop and Go Review

San Antonio is hope to some tasty culinary creations! You can look at Yelp and search for any genre of food you are hungry for at the moment. One restaurant not only tops Yelp but also quenches your hunger with their food.

Ginos Deli is a deli in San Antonio that has changed the perception of how we look at philly cheesesteaks and sandwiches in general. They provide great customer experiences and of course some tasty creations. We reviewed 3 products at their deli recently and will showcase each item.


The Smoke Stack

The smoke stack brings a smile to my face when I took this photo. The sandwich is literally stacked with Turkey and bacon. They include a sauce that is spicy but tastes delicious. I had it with jalopeanos, lettuce and ranch. The sandwich was great and filled us up with each bite. The smoke stack is a good sandwich to have and get your hunger taken care of.


Hot Rod Burger

One of my favorites while attending Gino’s Deli is the Hot Rod Burger. The burger fit for a king is boasted with tons of flavor. The Hot Rod has meat, cheese, jalapenos, bacon and pepperoni! When you take a bite out of it,  you will taste the meat, not the heat. You will imagine yourself with a leather jacket rolling down in a Harley Davidson while enjoying the free world. That is what a single bite from a Hot Rod will give to you!!!

Party Tray

Gino’s Deli also provide’s party trays for companies and businesses that have luncheons at their businesses. The party trays have various type of cold sandwiches such as turkey or ham and cheese. They came tasting delicious and many businesses and their staff will be enjoying these party trays.

When you are in San Antonio and would like to try a meal that brings you a smile, then come to Gino’s Deli. You will come there hungry and you will leave full and happy!

Gino’s Deli is located at: 13210 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230 and you can follow them on FACEBOOK !