Fun Dental Visit To Westover Hills Pediatric Dentistry

When your little ones have their 6 month appointments, you will need to get them ready for their local dentist. Many times, children are scared of going to their dentist by either what they see in cartoons or because they had a bad experience. This experience wasn’t bad at all, but memorable to the fact that my own children didn’t want to leave. This practice opened a door of a safe place to be at yet a fun experience with the doctors and staff.

Today we went to Westover Hills Pediatric Dentistry to get my son and daughter their check up and teeth cleaned. We entered into the building into a nice looking waiting room. They had some cool children’s playhouses on display in the waiting room.

Not only the place houses there for the children, they had a space for children to lay down and watch TV shows. The area was small but yet comforting and safe for the children. The television screens at that time was showing Pink Panther which is a favorite of mine.

When we got our paperwork done by a nice and very knowledgeable front table staff, we then head to get X-rays. The nurse was very nice and was able to get us done fast and properly. We then got to stay at a spot to meet the very popular Dr. De La Garza, he was quite charming and fun to be around. He got the children very excited and talkative by saying jokes and got them laughing too.

Dr. De La Garza was able to check both children and make sure their teeth was looking healthy. He educated myself on how the teeth are looking and additional ways on keeping them healthy. They were able to get a small prize from Dr. De La Garza including a tooth brush and tooth paste.

We had a fun and safe time at the Westover Hills Pediatric Dentistry. We have been to other dentists before and none were very helpful and caring such as Dr. De La Garza. We were able to get in and get out in record time at the dentist, even as first timers there. I was able to learn more to help keep my children’s teeth healthy as well as know how there teeth are doing. We will be coming back and enjoying more time with Dr. De La Garza at his practice.

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