Christmas in July Gift Guide 2020

With the heighten cases of COVID-19, industries have been at stand still. Many companies are going under and people are losing jobs left and right. When we were creating this gift guide, we are providing opportunities for companies to showcase any products they have to fans around the world. Our website numbers are now tripling with the success of our influencers showcasing more of their skills throughout the website. We have emailed many companies for this gift guide, but we had some mixed responses. A few responses were some couldn’t do it because their factories are shut down. Many others emailed back saying they didn’t see a reason to contribute to our gift guide  with the way the economy is going. 

No Reason to commit? Those words should not come out or typed on a computer and sent in an email. Drop The Spotlight and our influencers put in countless hours to showcase the latest products, latest items and more for companies and businesses. We CONTINUE to provide services that some see as of being taken advantage of but to us, we are enticed to that. WE build our brand and brands of others through that! The world is tough right now to you as a business and a company but without multiple communities wanting to help and make sure your product float, then you will fail. Drop The Spotlight will continue our Gift Guides with businesses that not only see success when we are partnered together but will continue to entice our fans and communities with products that could be in their mailbox soon. We WON’T stop being influencers to the world around us and as a business or company; know your not alone. We are here for all businesses and companies that want to succeed in a world today that we all have to adapted to.  Our fans, communities and influencers are here for you all, don’t be afraid to let us know!  

-Vic, Founder and Managing Partner of Drop The Spotlight

Here is our Christmas in July Gift Guide 2020! Each image is clickable to take you to the corresponding web page as each product was given a proper review with link to buy product. Be sure to support all businesses here in the gift guide and share with your friends and families!



Lavalier Lapel Mic


Corsair Dark Core Pro SE
Samson Q2U Microphone



Theo Laroux Meets The Elephantmen


Ash & Thorn


Captain Ginger


Enterprise Rent A Car


South Padre Island, TX


TMNT – Rescue Palooza


Sky Racket





Ash Williams EX Version


The Joker Prime 1 Studios


Majora’s Mask Statue


Danny Wright


Giorgia Borg