French Punks Nightwatchers release “Their Turn Trying to Rule the World”

French punk-rock outfit Nightwatchers release the singe “Their Turn Trying to Rule the World”. A bass-driven, melodic punk track with a strong political message. The single, much like the other tracks onNightwatchers soon to be released album, is written to raise awareness about institutional racism in modern-day France dating back from the country’s colonial era. “Their Turn Trying to Rule the World” addresses the topic by highlighting a new, controversial bill meant to protect the country against the dangers of what the French government deems “Islamist separatism”.

Julien, vocalist and guitars of the band, comments:
“Their Turn Trying to Rule the World” tackles the Senate report that
inspired the brand new French law against “Islamist separatism”. The existence of a separatist political project is presented as a fact,
without any scientific proof.”

“Their Turn Trying to Rule the World” is out now on all streaming
platforms. The single is the third and final leading up to
Nightwatchers politically thematic, sophomore album “Common Crusades”, to be released on Lövely Records October 8.

Stream the single: