Developers Last Hope of the Internet (LHOTI) are pleased to announce Flavortown…
Flavortown will be released episodically on the Rift Platform playable via Oculus Rift & Steam VR, starting with Episode 1 of 6 releasing October 26th with each episode priced at $6.00  (USD) SRP.

An Oculus Quest version is planned for later this year.


Congratulations Rookie! You have been recognized as an elite officer of Flavortown’s Finest. You’ll be partnered with Biff and Buddy, the two wise cracking meatball “hotshots” of the precinct. With your brothers of the badge as a side, you’ll see how far the rabbit hole goes as you launch into the criminal underground of Flavortown to keep the city safe as it is delicious.

  • Flavortown is a narrative driven action game that will release episodically, with a total of 6 episodes. Each episode provides an average of an hour half of content, rich in story and with many secrets to be discovered.
  • Lock and load with tailor made equipment such as the Super Action Communicator smartwatch, that keeps track of all the dirt you dig up. A set of 3-D replicating holsters that can print a wide variety of weapons you’ll be finding in your adventure.
  • Make connections with the colorful characters that populate Flavortown like the Mayor himself (who looks suspiciously familiar), to the crime affiliated rap superstar Tommy Tomato.
  • Play it cool as you engage in undercover operations that range from the suspiciously squeaky clean corporate office of The Grill Scouts, to an illegal underground casino run by sushi outlaws.
  • Take on overwhelming spins of classic minigames such as fishing, Simon says, and the exhilarating task of working as a telemarketer.

Flavortown will be available on the Oculus store October 26th 2020  with each episode priced at $6.00 (USD) SRP

‘None of us at LHOTI have ever been more proud of something that we’ve worked on. The insane journey we took as a tribe while working on this game has inspired something truly unique and rare. Beyond the painfully hilarious moments of comedy, there is a bigger story to be told within this world and I can’t wait to provide that experience to players.’  –  Will Fase  Founder -Last Hope of the Internet