FishBowl film Review

FishBowl directed by Alexa and Stephen Kinigopoulos is a story of three young girls and their father lost in grief and faith. In a small and unforgiving town where there is no secrets and rumors fly. Three girls must learn to deal with a Father who is a drunk and grieving with a lost idea of faith in God.

Small town life can be a dream or nightmare we learn seeing how they treat this family the girls are put in a bad spot due to their father’s sins.  One girl went mute after the loss of her mother and the other one is turning into a wild child and the other is trying to fade into the shadows. The church plays a big role in their lives and is also a thorn in their sides. The father turns to a TV preacher with the key to heaven for a small price of one thousand dollars.

As hope is lost the father orders the key to heaven and if the girls didn’t have problems already he takes away every worldly thing from them. In a pyramid scam to reunite with their mother forcing the girls to go door to door trying to sell more packages to earn their pass to heaven. Which is forced on them or get kicked out of the house putting more pressure on them. All for a pipe dream someone is selling on an infomercial and a father lost falling to this scam. The program puts an end of days date they have to sell to make their entry to heaven or face missing the rapture if you will.

Fishbowl is a powerful story of a family hit with a loss that devastates them all. The father is lost in his own twisted world and gives his daughters no support they have to find for themselves and grieve in their own way.  The hopelessness of the father takes him into a place of false faith. Not in a biblical or spiritual way but in a scam you follow this tv preacher guide and pay him to get there.

Tears a family apart from within and hurting his daughters not allowing them to be normal teenage girls. A very raw and powerful story of how things can go wrong in the blink of the eye. How others take advantage of those in a bad place using religion and faith in a way of self-gain. Taking away the true meaning of it damaging the lives of a lost family. Watch this film and see and feel the pain these young girls go through.