Female Driven Alternative Rock Collective VINOK share ‘Critical’

“Critical” is the first of its kind – an indie-rock hybrid mix of the English and Ukrainian languages all within the unique creativity of the band VINOK. As ​American Songwriter​put it: “VINOK wants nothing more than to sonically kick you in the teeth to ensure you hear what they have to say.”

VINOK’s song “critical” is about a person seeking hope despite an overwhelmingly tragic environment. It’s a cry for unity despite the odds of fate telling otherwise. This song is for those who have felt helpless for too long yet keep finding the courage and strength to fight back against an oppressive world. Throughout the song, a careful listener will hear references to poeticism of Ukraine’s iconic freedom-writer Taras Shevchenko.

“This is our anthem cry for more unity within the world,” said the band’s lead vocalist Nathalie.​”We are between the American and Ukrainian cultures, and we see that mixing the two could have a holistic effect in bringing more unity.”

“In the age of social media division seems much more lucrative for businesses (it’s what brings more engagement) and is more fashionable among societies. Unity, on the other hand, is much more difficult to achieve. We want to reverse that trend,” said the band’s drummer Ilya.